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We are proud to work with Cerakote, Gun Candy, KG Gun Kote, and Duracoat to give you the exact finish you are looking for. Additionally, we can provide limited bluing services as well. As an independent applicator we have the freedom to use any product that will achieve the results you are looking for.

Custom Engraving and machining:

At M.F.R. we have a wide variety of laser and CNC mechanical engraving equipment that allows us to choose the right tool for your engraving needs. We have Carbon Dioxide lasers for engraving on wood, plastic, and natural materials such as stone, (perfect for rifle stocks.) We have a high powered Q-Switched Fiber Laser designed specifically for Deep engraving on Metal, a standard Q-Switched laser which is ideal for stippling and engraving on synthetics, as well as a high Powered MOPA Fiber Laser that gives extreme flexibility in pulse rate and frequency in order to tailor it to the most extreme and unusual materials. Our CNC equipment lends itself to both complex 3D engraving in all material types as well as material removal for projects such as slide sculpting, RMR cuts, and barrel threading.


We have multiple gunsmiths on site at M.F.R. that provide dissasembly and reassembly services for your projects as well as the ability to repair, replace, and even remake broken and missing components. We hold multiple firearm component patents and are happy to work with you to design in 3D CAD components or full projects as needed. Our 3D printing capacity allows for rapid prototyping to check fit and mechanical function for investing in the time and material of the final part. Combine with our refinishing and laser engraving, we able to give you a one stop shop for that unique project that you have been dreaming of.