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"A girl's gotta get serious about her personal safety. And, ummm ... well you know this girl wasn't about to settle for ...standard b-o-r-i-n-g basic black. So in LoVe w/ how it turned out!! Kudos & a huge 'thank you' to Ed Gardner at Midway Firearm Refinishing for his expertise & guidance on choosing the appropriate Cerakote finish along w/ his incredible customer service. 👍 Highly recommend. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Judy C."

It all started for us over 40 years ago when a gunsmith asked his son to help build a black powder Kentucky Long Rifle kit. The love of firearms and making utilitarian art with his father has never left the founder of MFR. That passion is fundamental to all that we do. The firearm is not only a beautiful example of design and craftsmanship, but it also serves to remind us what can be created with vision, persistence, care, and attention to detail. It guides every project we undertake at MFR by keeping us focused on what matters. We never forget that it's the people behind the guns that matter most and we do all we can to make them happy.

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"MFR Was chosen to design the Heli-Hunter "Don't Tread on Me" Freedom Edition TAC-12A1 AR Style Semi-Auto Shotgun used as the auction enter piece at the 2015 Ducks Unlimited North Texas Banquet ."

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Midway Firearm Refinishing knows that firearms mean different things to different people, but be they a tool or a passion, we will improve them for the hand that holds them.

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